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Online Travel Insurance for Australiaonline travel insurance for australia

Travel insurance in Australia is highly recommended !

Travel insurance is an essential part of your planning, and thanks to the internet where travel insurance companies can sell their policies online and have less overheads in staffing offices it becomes more and more affordable too.
Nowadays it is a must to have a good travel insurance, even the cost of minor accidents can quickly run into thousands the way doctors and hospitals charge, and there is always the chance of losing baggage, missed flight connections or going for a swim with your camera, not to mention getting sick due to different climate and circumstances from back home.
Don't think can I afford to have travel insurance? Think can I afford NOT to have travel insurance !

Also note that many hire car companies charge your hefty daily fees of up to $15.- a day to buy out the excess on the car insurance, if you have a good policy your travel insurance will cover this anyway, so you don't need that extra cover and your travel insurance will pay for itself with this saving.
Consider the fact that your bags could disappear during your flight, the 2010 Air Transport Industry Baggage Report which shows that globally 25 million bags a year go missing so 1% of airline passengers will find their luggage hasn't made it to their destination. Not all airlines compensate you for this, but a good travel insurance will
You might think that when flights are delayed or cancelled the airline will look after you but this is not always the case.
Recently I found myself in the situation where Thai Airways cancelled a flight to Bangkok, leaving me stuck in Brisbane.
On previous occasions on other airlines I have always been provided with accommodation if there were delays or cancellations, but Thai Airways denied any requests for accommodation or reimbursements of extra costs, so I would suggest to steer clear of them.
And as a final example of why you should always have a good travel insurance that will cover all eventualities; look at Aussie couple John Kan and Rachel Evans that went on holidays to Canada. Rachel unexpectedly gave birth to a premature baby that had to stay in the neo-natal ward for three months. They left Canada with a one million dollar bill, which they are paying off at $300 a week. They still have 278 years to go at present....

Some of the online travel insurance policies available on the web are restricted to certain nationalities, but WorldNomads insures virtually all nationalities of travellers and you can make your claim or extend online while you're still on the road !
Shop around online for the best travel insurance policy !
When traveling to Australia, it’s important to look at all types of insurance you might need. The costs of owning a yacht or a home in Australia is also affected by insurance and can change depending on if you’re near the coast.

travel insurance for kangaroo attacktravel insurance covers you against falling coconuts

Get Australian travel insurance to cover yourself against kangaroo attacks and falling coconuts

International travellers! You can also buy your travel insurance online with a travel business you know and trust and is based in your own country, choose your country here:
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get some travel insurance for your travels in australiadon't forget travel  insurance for your travels in australia
See you later radiator.......

WorldNomads Travel Insurance for all nationalities

World Nomads offers low cost travel insurance to residents from over 44 countries. With offer genuine 24/7 assistance anywhere on the planet provided for the United States by World Access, and elsewhere by Mondial Assistance, the world's largest travel insurance and assistance company. Combined with online claims and extensions available while you are still away, World Nomads offers some of the best travel insurance in the world today.

Low cost. Great value.

World Nomads offers some of the best value online travel insurance available. The prices reflect both the efficiencies of the internet and the level of cover, which has been designed to meet the needs of independent and adventurous travellers.

travel insurance for australia travel insurance for australia travel insurance for australia

World Nomads travel insurance. More than you expect.

travel insurance for australia Worldwide cover

World Nomads covers you for all your insurance needs regardless of where you're travelling in the world. Less focus is placed on travel delays and missed connections to ensure maximum medical cover to give you peace of mind when making the most of your overseas trip.

And of course, everything is online. From changing your details to making a claim, you can do it all online.

Cover your Adventure

World Nomads travel insurance covers every country in the world, and from Bungee Jumping in New Zealand to white-water rafting in Nepal or skiing in Colarado, we also cover most adventure sports. Find out if what you want too do is covered with our simple guide to adventure.

travel insurance for australia Extend and claim online, while you are still away

Travel plans often change. That is what's exciting. Unlike other insurers, who don't allow you to extend or purchase again outside your country of residence, World Nomads allows you to extend your policy indefinitely.

And since you will probably be away for a while we recognised that you can't wait until you get home to make a claim, so we put it all online. You can submit claims, but more importantly also liaise with the claims department until it is settled.

And you can do so 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

travel insurance for australia Free Online Travel Journals

If you take out a policy with World Nomads, you can set up your own online travel journal and upload your favourite travel pictures & stories to share with friends, families and other World Nomads.

travel insurance for australia Free SMS Security Alerts

All World Nomads policy holders also receive free travel security alerts by SMS or email to keep you travelling safely.

travel insurance for australia Cover you can count on

World Nomads partners with some of the best insurers in the world to provide unique but financially secure travel insurance to our customers. These include Allianz Australia, Allianz New Zealand, and World Access. They are all part of the Mondial Assistance Group, the largest travel assistance company in the world, with over 35 call centres in 28 countries.

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travel insurance for australia


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For sales enquires from Australia call 1300 787 375 or +612 8263 0400 internationally or email us .

online travel insurance for australia

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