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Campervan and motorhome hire in Australiabudget campervan hire and motorhome rental

Campers, camper vans, RV, motorhomes, mobile homes, whatever you call them in your country, these vehicles are the perfect way to explore Australia !
Wide open roads, endless beautiful spots to pull over and park your campervan, the freedom to travel and stop where and when you want, it is no wonder so many Aussies on retirement buy themselves a mobile home and spend years going around the country.
Nothing beats finding your own camping spot in the wild, parking your campervan, having a cold beer admiring a wildly coloured outback sunset and a dinner cooked on the campfire under the magnificent starry skies.
And it makes economic sense too, when you compare the cost of hiring a car and finding accommodation in a room every night then you may well find it is cheaper to hire a budget campervan than to pay for a car and a room, and of course it is much more of an adventure!

Discovery Campervans is an Australian owned and operated company that specialises in organising campervan rentals in Australia but also in New Zealand.

Their fully qualified team handle your reservation queries and overlook all rentals placed. The benefit to you of having a dedicated team is that it provides a level of professionalism, product knowledge and experience to ensure that your rental goes smoothly, and you can enjoy your trip without any hassles. Yes, REAL People work here!

Discovery Campervans has been built and developed with the support and continuing assistance of the largest campervan rental companies in both Australia and New Zealand....
By booking your campervan hire through the Discovery Campervans website, you get to take advantage of our clever technology - showing up to date, competitive comparitive prices - and have the security of renting with established and leading brands in the campervan hire market.
Compare Britz, Maui, Backpacker, Kea and Apollo on one easy to use website.
Save Quotes, look at the layouts and full specifications and compare prices and package inclusions.

Compare Britz, Maui, Backpacker, Kea and Apollo on one easy to use website. Save Quotes, look at the layouts and full specifications and compare prices and package inclusions.
Discovery Campervans

Motorhome Rental Australia

Motorhome Republic is all about the open road, about secluded country lanes and scenic highways. We love travel and it is this passion which has led us to become one of the world’s leading motorhome, campervan and RV rental booking specialists.

Every year, thousands of our customers hit the road thanks to our network of over 300 suppliers across 28 countries. We use our considerable buying power and our relationships with rental suppliers to bring the best deals on a wide range of quality motorhome rentals.

Our team of knowledgeable and friendly specialists are experts in all aspects of camper hire. Their aim is to get you the right vehicle at the right price, so that you can experience your dream motorhome holiday.


Grey nomads

When you start exploring Australia in your campervan you will come across an Australian phenomena; the grey nomads.

These are retired Aussies that either cruise around Australia or move up and down with the seasons to follow the good weather, with their motorhomes and caravans. Have a chat to them when you meet them, you will brush up your knowledge of Aussie language, and they are always full on good info on where the good free camping spots are.

Re-location deals

If you need to get across Australia in a relatively short time then you may be lucky and find a deal which campervan rental places do not advertise too much, but the seasoned travellers know about it; the re-location deal.

Campervan hire companies offer one way rentals, where for instance you pick up your campervan in Melbourne, cruise up through Sydney and Brisbane up the east coast, and then leave your camper in Cairns.

Ideally (for the camper hire company) then another traveller would fly in to Cairns who rents the camper to drive back to Melbourne, but at times things don't work out that well for the campervan hire people and they end up with a lot of campervans on one side of the country and not enough campers on the other side.
This is when the offer the "re-location deal".
The terms can vary but in general it works out to you getting the campervan without paying the normal hire charges and you get a certain number of days to drive the camper van back to where they want it, usually you pay for the fuel, and possibly also the insurance. This sounds like a good deal, but be realistic about it, Australia is a bloody big country, and to drive from Cairns to Melbourne via Ayers Rock in five days is not a relaxing holiday, and probably also quite dangerous. You need to rest from time to time and there are quite a few regions in Australia (most of the interior) where it is not advisable to drive at night because cows, kangaroos and other wildlife will be on the road at night, and at normal highway speed you will not be able to avoid them if they suddenly appear. Relocation deals can be a good thing but be realistic about your itinerary. See our survival tips page for more info about outback driving.
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Camping in Australia

Camping is great fun and also proven to be healthy! It doesn't matter if you do it in a campervan or a tent, as long as you're out there in nature.

Exploring the Impact of School Camps on Student Well-being in Australia

School camps play a vital role in the educational journey of students. They are more than just a break from the classroom; they offer a unique blend of learning experiences, personal growth opportunities, and a chance to develop social skills in a different setting. In Australia, where the landscape offers diverse opportunities for outdoor education, school camps have become an integral part of the curriculum, contributing significantly to student well-being.
Exploring the outdoors, participating in team-building activities, and facing new challenges helps students gain confidence, resilience, and a sense of accomplishment. This article delves into the impact of school camps on student well-being in Australia, examining how these experiences foster personal development, enhance learning, and support mental health

Enhancing Social Skills and Teamwork

One of the most significant benefits of school camps is the opportunity they provide for social growth. Away from the regular school environment, students interact with peers in a more relaxed yet structured setting. This interaction promotes understanding, empathy, and the development of interpersonal skills crucial for teamwork and communication.
Activities designed to require collaboration and problem-solving encourage students to work together, often leading to stronger friendships and a sense of community. This enhanced social cohesion is beneficial back in the classroom, contributing to a more positive and supportive learning environment.

Linking Camp Experiences to Classroom Learning

Integrating camp experiences with curriculum goals enhances the educational value of these outings. Activities designed around environmental education, history, science, and physical education provide hands-on learning opportunities that are both engaging and informative. This approach not only reinforces classroom learning but also demonstrates the practical application of knowledge in real-world situations.
School camps in Australia, such as those offered by PGL, are specifically designed to support educational objectives while promoting student well-being. The structured activities and safe, supportive environments provide an ideal setting for growth and learning.

Promoting Independence and Personal Growth

School camps offer students a chance to experience independence, often for the first time. Being away from home and taking responsibility for personal belongings, choices, and actions is a crucial step in a young person’s development. These experiences help students learn about themselves, their strengths, and areas for improvement.
The challenges faced during camp activities also push students out of their comfort zones, promoting resilience and adaptability. Overcoming obstacles, whether physical, emotional, or mental, builds self-esteem and a can-do attitude, attributes that are invaluable throughout life.

Supporting Mental Health and Well-being

The mental health benefits of school camps are profound. Engaging with nature, participating in physical activities, and taking a break from the pressures of academic life can significantly reduce stress and anxiety levels in students. The natural settings of many Australian camps provide a serene backdrop for mindfulness and reflection, further supporting mental well-being.
Furthermore, the sense of achievement and belonging gained from successfully participating in camp activities can have a lasting positive impact on a student’s self-worth and overall happiness.
These experiences are essential in fostering a healthy mindset, critical for navigating the challenges of growing up.



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