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Online dating in Australia

Australia is a huge country and some areas can have a lot more blokes than sheilas, or vice versa.
In places like Burketown, Weipa, Pine Creek, Woop Woop and other middle of nowhere places blokes can far outnumber sheilas, while places like the northern beaches of Cairns tend to have opposite stats.
So it's no wonder that many Aussies jump on the internet to log on to dating sites to find their partner online.

In February 2010 survey results were released that for the first time in nearly a century single women in Australia outnumbered those in a relationship.
And Australia has some fine single women too; just ask Danish Crown Prince Frederik, he came to Australia in 2000 to see the Olympics and in a Sydney pub met Mary Donaldson from Tasmania. They got on like a house on fire and now they're a happy couple living the royal life in Denmark and the Tassie sheila is now called Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess of Denmark, Countess of Monpezat.

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Demographer Bernard Salt spent a bit of time going through the 2006 census figures and worked out where the biggest concentrations of single blokes were, the appropriately named town of Singleton in the New South Wales Hunter Valley was found to have the widest choice of blokes for single sheilas to choose from, although some Singleton sheilas that were interviewed reckoned that while the quantity might be there, the quality was lacking a bit.

These are the single stats:

1) Singleton, New South Wales - 180 males per 100 females
2) Burdekin / Ayr, Queensland - 171 males per 100 females
3) Mackay, Queensland - 156 males per 100 females
4) Griffith, New South Wales - 141 males per 100 females
5) Gladstone, Queensland - 141 males per 100 females
6) Wollongong, New South Wales - 140 males per 100 females
7) Lithgow, New South Wales - 139 males per 100 females
8) Bunbury, South Australia - 139 males per 100 females
9) Whyalla, South Australia - 137 males per 100 females
10) Ballina, New South wales - 136 males per 100 females


Some other interesting singles statistics: Australian singles prefer to date tradies like carpenters, tilers and painters rather than professionals according to a recent survey of 950 people by .
Professions in order of desirability to date:

1. Carpenter
2. Tiler
3. Painter
4. Builder
5. Plumber
6. Banker
7. Doctor
8. Lawyer
9. Accountant
10. Psychiatrist

In other words; if you are an accountant or a psychiatrist living in Singleton or Ayr then your chances of getting laid are about the same as Kim Beazley being elected Prime Minister, and you are better off joining one of the online dating sites above to find your sheila elsewhere in this world.

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