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Car hire and campervans in Australiabudget car hire and campervan hire australia

It is easy to hire a car online in Australia, we have several online budget car hire companies where you can browse and book online rental cars so you can have your hire car waiting for you on arrival in Australia at any airport, in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Cairns, Perth, and even remote Alice Springs and Ayers Rock !
And not just rental cars, but four wheel drives, campervans, buses and trucks can also be booked online!
If you are staying a long time in Australia consider buying a car and selling it at the end of your trip!
You'll want to do an Australian car insurance comparison to make sure you're getting the best deal while you're visiting as well.
Foreign Drivers Licences written in English are valid in Australia, if your licence is in another language then you will need an International Driving Permit with it.
Check any special conditions with the hire cars, even though you hire a fourwheel drive this does not automatically mean that you can take it where ever you like.
And another tip: before you pay a daily amount to get the insurance excess down to zero check your travel insurance, most of them will cover the excess on damage to your rental car so no need to insure twice!

International travellers! You can book your hire cars and campervans / mobile homes for Australia online
with a travel business you know and trust in your own country, choose here:
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Online car rental in Australia

There is a wide choice of car rental companies where you can book your car or campervan online to be assured of a car on your arrival in Australia , and most offer one way rentals between major cities.
Absolutely nothing beats the freedom of having your own car to explore Australia and stop when and where you want.

budget car hire in sydney, melbourne, brisbane and all over australia
Example of how easy Vroomvroomvroom makes choosing a car and comparing prices.

Vroomvroomvroom is a good place to start your search for a budget hire car. Ofcourse you could search all the major car hire companies one after the other but you'll find it saves you a lot of time to simply type in your car hire location and dates, and get presented with an overview where you see available cars and all prices to compare on one page. Can it get any easier?

cheap rental cars in australia

Australia Airport Car Rental

The beauty of is that it puts airport customers into a rental car quickly and easily, comparing all the top vehicle types so they always get the best deal. More than 2000 individual airport rental car sites mean we are industry experts who remove all the hassle from car hire, whether you book in advance or at the last minute.


Live in the UK? Use a local well known business and book your car through Ebookers:

cheap car hire

5 Handy Tips for Car Rental in Australia
Australia is tailor made for road tripping, with its wide open spaces and scenic routes to explore. Before you start burning mix CDs and stocking the cooler with snacks, you'll need to pick the right car for hire. In addition to reading car news before you choose the vehicle for your big adventure, you can also keep the following tips in mind.
Ask for an All-Inclusive Price
Saving money on your hired car can leave you with a bigger wad of cash in your pocket to spend on souvenirs later on. One way to save is to ask for an all-inclusive price when you book your rental. This should include basic fees, insurance, and a certain number of kilometres per day. An all-inclusive price can help you avoid the unwelcome surprise of extra fees!
Look up Petrol Stations in Advance
If you're driving in remote stretches of the Northern Territory, you may see loads of lovely rock formations but very few services. Avoid getting stranded by carrying a spare can of petrol. When you return your rental, you'll also be expected to return it with a full tank.
Choose a Fuel-Efficient Model
Another way to save money on petrol is to choose a fuel-efficient vehicle. Driving a gas-guzzling SUV will make you feel like a real road warrior in the Outback, but it will come at a higher cost. You can read car reviews Australia ahead of time to look for models that will not only be roomy enough for your luggage and gear, but also give you more kilometres to the litre.
Inspect the Vehicle
It's a good idea to do a quick once-over before you drive your car of choice off the lot. If you see any dents or scratches, double-check that these are already documented by the rental company before you sign any paperwork.
Play By the Rules
It's tempting to drive a little faster than usual when you're in a car that's not your own, but you'll still be held responsible for all Australian road rules in a rental. If you leave the country without paying fines, you may not be allowed back in. Following the rental company's rules can also save you money. Be sure to return the car at the agreed time to avoid late charges.


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Buy a car to get around Australia

If you are staying in Australia for a long time then it may be worth your while to buy a car and sell it again when you have made your way around the country. Check out notice boards at backpackers hostels, websites such as Quicksales or Gumtree, and the local Saturday papers. In the bigger cities there are often designated backpacker car markets, organized by councils who got tired of backpackers hanging out on the streets taking up valuable car parking spaces. Be sure to get up to date with government regulations first, don't buy a car that you later can not get registered. People may try to sell you a car that still needs to pass an inspection before it can be registered, and tell you that "it only needs a few little things that won't cost much". Tell them that if that is the case why don't they do it themselves then, and you'll find that they won't. Some states in Australia require cars to have a roadworthy inspection every year, and some others only on change of ownership.
Contact the local Transport Department for info on the procedure of buying and selling cars, especially if they are from another state, or Google for the details.

Around Australia by camper van

cheap campervan hire in australia
Camper van hire in Australia makes great budget accommodation !

Australia is the perfect country to travel with a camper van! Wide open roads, countless beautiful spots to pull over and camp, the freedom to go where and when you want, it is no wonder so many Aussies on retirement buy themselves a mobile home and spend years going around the country.
Nothing beats finding your own camping spot in the wild, having a cold beer admiring a wildly coloured outback sunset and a dinner cooked on the campfire under the magnificent starry skies.

budget camper vans budget campervan hire

Discovery Campervans is an Australian owned and operated company that specialises in organising campervan rentals in Australia but also in New Zealand.

Their fully qualified team handle your reservation queries and overlook all rentals placed. The benefit to you of having a dedicated team is that it provides a level of professionalism, product knowledge and experience to ensure that your rental goes smoothly, and you can enjoy your trip without any hassles. Yes, REAL People work here!

Discovery Campervans has been built and developed with the support and continuing assistance of the largest campervan rental companies in both Australia and New Zealand....
By booking your campervan hire through the Discovery Campervans website, you get to take advantage of our clever technology - showing up to date, competitive comparitive prices - and have the security of renting with established and leading brands in the campervan hire market.
Compare Britz, Maui, Backpacker, Kea and Apollo on one easy to use website.
Save Quotes, look at the layouts and full specifications and compare prices and package inclusions.

Compare Britz, Maui, Backpacker, Kea and Apollo on one easy to use website. Save Quotes, look at the layouts and full specifications and compare prices and package inclusions.


See our page Campervan hire in Australia for more useful info and links on renting a camper or RV in Australia

Truck hire in Australia

Need to get a lot of stuff from Sydney to Melbourne, Brisbane to Darwin or anywhere else? Budget has a range of trucks in different sizes available for one way hire to get the job done.

cheap truck hire


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