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Working in Australia


Working in Australia is a dream for many, and finding employment in Australia can be easy if you have the right skills.
If your trade is on the wanted list getting your work permits/work visas can be a pretty smooth process.
If you're between 18 and 30 you also qualify for the working holiday visa, which is pretty easy to get.

You can do your visa and immigration applications yourself or get an experienced professional to do it for you. Are you eligible to work in Australia? Click here to find out.

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Some info on living in Australia

Apply for Australian visas online

Since December 2013 visa applications are made easier with the new immi-account.
Anyone can open an account, and then you can apply for visas, pay online with credit card, upload your documents, check on progress, receive status update alerts etc.

Superannuation in Australia

When you work in Australia you will find you are paying something called super. Click to find out what is superannuation?

Working Holiday Visa for Australia

The Working Holiday Program allows people between 18 and 30 from the UK, Canada, Norway, the Netherlands, Italy, Japan, Cyprus, Ireland, Korea, Malta, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, , Hong Kong and Finland to holiday in Australia and work up to three monthhs in one place with a maximum stay in Australia of one year.
Besides boosting your holiday funds this is a good opportunity to get to meet Australians and really experience the country rather than just do the tourist thing.
You need to make the application outside Australia, either by visiting an embassy or consulate or online by clicking here. Main criteria are to be aged between 18 and 30 and without dependent children. You should have a return ticket and enough money to cover the first part of your stay. You will be paid according to Australian award rates and conditions. Once upon a time anyone with a working holiday visa with this could just sign on for the dole (social security) but too many took advantage of this and this is now no longer possible.

The intentions of the Australian government is to fill seasonal vacancies in fruit picking and casual positions where there is a shortage of labour, they do not like to see you get a good position on a permanent basis with a visa like this.
Be aware that there are hostels based in agricultural areas without a lot of attractions that try to keep their beds filled with workers. While some are legitimate, others keep telling you that work will come soon to keep their beds full while this work may not necessarily become available.

If your looking to work on a longer basis in Australia then the most popular temporary visa is the 457 visa or for students its the 485 visa. These visa's have a list of requirements ranging from health to character and you must maintain overseas visitor health cover. A full list of these temporary work visas can be found on the DIBP website.

Click here to see up to date info on where the seasonal harvest work is

Useful links for working in Australia


WWOOF - Become a wwoofer! (WWOOF = Willing Workers On Organic Farms).
Besides being an interesting experience it is also a great way to keep your budget down by working without even needing a working visa, wwoofing has been approved by the immigration department and is not considered employment as no money changes hands.
When you join WWOOF Australia you: work in exchange for your keep, get full board and accommodation, usually in the family home and learn about organic growing and about Australia. Choose from 1,200 Organic Farms offering to teach you aspects of: Organic growing, Bio-dynamics and Permaculture. More info...



Planning to stay in Australia for a while? You can find yourself a job through

caretaker jobs in australia

DIAL-AN-ANGEL - Home & Family Care -Specialising in Home, Aged and Childcare services around Australia


Click here to see up to date info on where the seasonal harvest work is


The working holiday expo is held in October in Melbourne and Sydney, go and see them to find out all about working in Australia.

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