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Cheap international flights and
budget airfares to Australiacheap flights to sydney melbourne brisbane adelaide cairns perth

On this page we have cheap international flights and budget airfares to Australia.
Budget international flights to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Cairns, Perth, Darwin, Alice Springs, Adelaide, Canberra.

For budget domestic airfares in Australia or cheap flights between Sydney Melbourne etc. click here
For cheap international airfares out of Australia to USA, UK, Asia etc. click here

International travellers! Feel more comfortable to book your cheap air tickets to Australia online with a
travel agent from your own country that you know and trust? Then choose your home country here:

While booking your international flight from the UK, Europe, USA or where ever to Australia, don't forget to also arrange a good travel insurance ! The 2010 Air Transport Industry Baggage Report says that 25 million bags each year go missing around the world so 1% of airline passengers will find their bags have not made it to their destination, and not all the airlines will pay you compensation you for this either !
Most people think that when flights are delayed or cancelled the airline will look after you but this is not always the case.
Recently when Thai Airways cancelled a flight to Bangkok, I was stuck in Brisbane and had to pay for my own accommodation and other costs. In the past in similar situations on other airlines I have always been provided with accommodation if there were delays or cancellations, but Thai Airways denied any requests for accommodation or reimbursements of extra costs, so I would suggest to avoid flying with them.

Comparison sites to quickly find the cheapest flights to Australia

Instead of going to all the airlines' websites to find a cheap airfare to Australia (and how do you know which ones fly there) it is much more convenient to go to one of the comparison websites below, simply type in your dates and destination and they will show you which airlines do flights to Australia, and at what price, saves you lots of time!

If you have browsed our collection of cheap airfare sites and it is still not cheap enough for you today, then bookmark this page and come back tomorrow to try again, flights at different prices get added and removed continuously and a flight you see today can be cheaper again later today or tomorrow!

Looking for cheap flights to Australia?

There is a very handy website where you can shop around to compare cheap airfares and that is Bookingwiz !
Enter your destination and dates only once and then compare all the world's biggest travel sites for the cheapest flights to Australia !

Airline websites to find and book cheap flights to Australia

Singapore Air needs little introduction, they have a long established reputation as being a great way to fly.

Singapore Airlines operates passenger services to 63 cities in 35 countries around the world, and flies to five Australian cities; Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Their new super jumbo A380 flies to Melbourne and Sydney.

singapore air to melbourne and sydney

And of course you can take advantage of the stopover in Singapore to explore this amazing exotic city !

singapore tours


Swiss Airlines serves 72 destinations in 39 countries all over the world from its Zurich hub and the further Swiss international airports of Basel and Geneva.



Qatar Airways flies from many destinations all over the world to Melbourne

airfares to australia with qatar airways


Virgin Atlantic has great deals to Australia flying daily to Sydney via Hong Kong from the UK, USA and Europe.

round the world airfares with virgin atlantic


Some more tips:

If you have browsed our collection of cheap airfare sites but it is still not cheap enough for you today, then bookmark this page and come back tomorrow to try again, flights at different prices get added and removed continuously and a flight you see today can be cheaper again tomorrow, or there might be new offers!

Hot tip : Did you know that when you have booked a flight out of Australia you can first go to any shop in Australia and shop dutyfree? You can buy cameras, laptops, alcohol etc. at any shop in Australia and if you catch a flight out of Australia within 30 days of purchase you can claim back the GST at the airport!
Read more about the details on this duty free shopping on the Australian Customs website.
This is a great deal for people who have booked flights out of Australia, in the past you had to shop at the airport where dutyfree shops showed little price difference with any other shop and put most of the unpaid duty and tax in their own pockets, now you can shop at any shop in Australia that has a good deal and simply claim back the tax when you fly out of Australia! All you need is the receipt of the goods, your passport and boarding pass!

Finding international flights to Australia can be a great way to travel, but so can taking a private yacht charter. There are many used Selene Yachts for sale that are more expensive than airfares, but they also would be quite a trip.

A handy guide to the main Australian airports:
Airport Website:
Distance to City:
Time to City:
Transfer to hotel:


7 km

15 min


Alice Springs

17 km

20 min

Book here


13 km

25 min

Book here


6 km

10 min

Book here


7 km

15 min



12 km

15 min



22 km

20 min



20 km

35 min

Book here


20 km

30 min



10 km

35 min

Book here

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