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Budget accommodation in Australia

Budget accommodation in Australia is available everywhere, from cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth to more remote locations like Cape Tribulation, Fraser Island, Alice Springs etc.
Backpackers hostels are no longer basic places to stay these days, many are like resorts and have bars, restaurants and swimming pools and are a far cry from the old style YHA hostels with cleaning duties.
Australia has quite a few budget resorts and it is often hard to say what is a backpackers hostel and what is a resort, most importantly; lots of budget accommodation for you to choose from!

Budget accommodation and backpackers hostels in Australia

book budget accommodation and backpacker hostels online
HostelBookers has hostels, motels, hotels, B&Bs and apartments.

What's the quickest and easiest way to find budget accommodation in Australia?

You can of course Google for budget accommodation but you spend a long time surfing through different websites, which are all designed differently and often for good looks, and it can take considerable time to find out the practical basic information of what the room prices are, what the facilities are, what the location is, and what previous customers thought of the place.
Whenever we travel anywhere we use a comparison website that shows you all the choices available, together with prices, location maps, and guest reviews, laid out right next to eachother, so it is easy to compare and make a choice.

The first one we would like to introduce to you is DON'T THINK THEY ONLY HAVE HOSTELS !
Especially in the bigger cities they have everything from B&B to hotels to motels. The search features on the site make finding your ideal budget accommodation a breeze, after choosing your city and dates you will be presented with a page like below, and then you can refine your search by using a slider to set your price, and choose from accommodation types such as hostels, motels, hotels, apartments and even campsites!
Hostelbookers charges no extra booking fees, all you pay at the time of booking is a 10% deposit and the balance on arrival.

Hostelbookers gives annual awards to the best hostels, and Australia is well represented with good value hostels. click here to see the Australian winners....

Choose your city and book your bed in minutes with ! No extra booking fees!

This is an example of how user-friendly Hostelbookers is with all accommodation, prices and reviews laid out:


Cheap hotels and standby rates in Australia

Use Agoda  to find all the best discounted rates.

Camping in Australia

cheap campervan hire in australia
Camper van hire in Australia makes great budget accommodation !

Camping is a great form of budget accommodation and Australia is the perfect country for camping, a good climate, lots of room and spectacular scenery.

Nothing beats camping out in the bush, having a cold beer admiring a wildly coloured outback sunset and a dinner cooked on the campfire under the magnificent starry skies.

Ofcourse you can do it with a car and a tent but it is more comfortable to rent a camper van so you can just pull off the road, relax with a beer, and your bed is ready!

Discovery Campervans is an Australian owned and operated company that specialises in organising campervan rentals in Australia but also in New Zealand.

Their fully qualified team handle your reservation queries and overlook all rentals placed. The benefit to you of having a dedicated team is that it provides a level of professionalism, product knowledge and experience to ensure that your rental goes smoothly, and you can enjoy your trip without any hassles. Yes, REAL People work here!

Discovery Campervans has been built and developed with the support and continuing assistance of the largest campervan rental companies in both Australia and New Zealand....
By booking your campervan hire through the Discovery Campervans website, you get to take advantage of our clever technology - showing up to date, competitive comparitive prices - and have the security of renting with established and leading brands in the campervan hire market.
Compare Britz, Maui, Backpacker, Kea and Apollo on one easy to use website.
Save Quotes, look at the layouts and full specifications and compare prices and package inclusions.

Compare Britz, Maui, Backpacker, Kea and Apollo on one easy to use website. Save Quotes, look at the layouts and full specifications and compare prices and package inclusions.

See our page Campervan hire in Australia for more useful info and links on renting a camper or RV in Australia

Home exchange in Australia

The ultimate budget accommodation in Australia is to do a home exchange.
Through the Home Exchange website you can meet like minded people to exchange homes with for a few weeks or months so you have a very cheap stay in Australia, while you have peace of mind that an Aussie is looking after your home!

home exchange in australia

Accommodation for Tourists in Australia

If you travel to Australia, you are going to encounter distinctive sights sure to endure in your memory for the remainder of your time on this Earth. Your accommodation could take the form of a hostel, guest house, hotel, self-catering apartment, rental property or campsite.

Coolum Beach, on Queensland's Sunshine Coast

Some areas gear themselves heavily towards tourists, with examples being Queensland's Hamilton Island, South Australia's wine country and the Sunshine Coast. This brings the benefit that certain activities are assured, such as scuba diving, fitness, skiing, or just sipping cocktails beside a pool.
Accommodation may be pet-friendly or even naturist, i.e. nudist, however this latter could be only during particular seasons.
It is possible to find accommodation that is designed for disabled people, which will also be useful to older people.
The website,, is dedicated entirely to accommodation and leisure venues suitable to people with disabilities. Every facility featured includes photographs allowing people to be sure that their requirements are met, for example by having grab rails.

You could rent a house in Adelaide

You could rent in Adelaide if you stay sufficiently long and possibly if your entourage is sufficiently large. This can be accomplished through the website called homesales, which offers more than 150,000 real estate listings and helps thousands of potential tenants every day. This will tell you of other houses for rent in South Australia or indeed anywhere else in the country. Hotels range from two to five stars, and prices range correspondingly. There are many small guest houses run by families, which could be miners' cottages, historic houses, country homesteads or inner city townhouses. The cost is low and proprietors can offer a rich seam of information. Most hotels - 1,434, or somewhat more than one third - are in New South Wales while the fewest - 56 - are in the Australian Capital Territory. You could try your hand at sheep shearing.
You might stay at a farm where you will be awoken by a cock crowing every morning.
Accommodation can be anything from what we shall call basic to positively luxurious. You can then stay in a vast, open space offering much opportunity for swimming, bush-walking, horse riding and fishing. Available activities would include include mending fences, sheep shearing, managing cattle from the back of a horse and piloting a four-wheel-drive vehicle, with the added benefit of rusty, red sunsets.
Such accommodation sometimes boasts that it is ecologically-friendly. Self-catering apartments could be the best option for families and large groups wishing to stay in excess of a few days in the same place. Hotel guests are paying for service to a considerable extent, and in the absence of this, the price is lower.
After shelling out for a flight to Australia you could well be seeking to save some money. When it comes to food, if you cook for yourself you will spend less and it can make for a very welcome change from identifying a restaurant suitable to all the people in your group. Groceries are best obtained in the course of one visit to a supermarket and not from a number of journeys to some corner shop. Another option is to camp in the midst of Australia's beautiful countryside. You might erect your tent in a national park or at one of the many well-equipped camping parks. There, you will have access to laundry facilities, barbecue areas, electricity and hot showers. If you see no need for camping to test your mettle, facilities can be of five star standard. Unbiased information is available from Tourist Accommodation Australia, which is one component of the Australian Hotels Association.


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