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Everybody knows Australia is an amazing country, but on arrival travellers often find it is even more amazinger than they had expected.
On this Aussie website you can find accommodation, flights and tours in Australia, but also have a laugh and learn about the amazing, interesting, funny or bizarre aspects that most of the serious travel websites don't cover.

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A handy guide to the main Australian airports:
Airport Website:
Distance to City:
Time to City:
Transfer to hotel:


7 km

15 min


Alice Springs

17 km

20 min

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13 km

25 min

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6 km

10 min

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7 km

15 min



12 km

15 min



22 km

20 min



20 km

35 min

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20 km

30 min



10 km

35 min

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Car hire in Australia:

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Accommodation in Australia:

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Travel insurance for UK residents

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You can always extend your policy while you are away.

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