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About Cairns Highlands - Accommodation - Tours & what to do - Transport & car hire - Photos - Map

Cairns Highlands accommodation

The Cairns Highlands / Atherton Tableland offers a variety of accommodation, from small bed and breakfast lodges to motels to wilderness lodges hidden away in the rainforest. Large hotels and resorts are not found here, all accommodation is on a small scale. Camping can be done here too but bear in mind that due to higher elevation than the coast the nights can get a bit cool here. Many accommodation places here cater for this by making fire places and spas a standard feature in the rooms.

Our personal favorite place in the Atherton Tablelands is Chambers Wildlife Lodge, located near Lake Eecham, only a short drive from Yungaburra.
The lodge is a low key place with only 11 rooms, which are very comfortable and well equipped with kitchen, fireplace and a television that has one channel devoted to a camera that is pointed at the trees where the sugar gliders come to feed at night. We also found the owner very knowledgable and helpful and he arranged a tour for us with Alan who took us out night spotting for possums and tree kangaroos. Red legged pademelons (a type of small kangaroo) hop around on the lawns at night and birds of all sorts visited our verandah during our stay.
The lodge is also not far from Yungaburra where you can find restaurants and a supermarket for your other needs.

sugar glider
A sugar glider

spotted cat bird
A spotted cat bird on our verandah

lake eecham
The location of the lodge

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B&B / Bed and Breakfast

This is a very popular style of accommodation on the Tablelands, some of the B&B's include Grandview Country Retreat and Allawah Retreat.

Backpackers hostels / budget accommodation

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About Cairns Highlands - Accommodation - Tours & what to do - Transport & car hire - Photos - Map

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