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Amazing Australian Furniture

In Australia even the furniture can be a bit different from the rest of the world.
Below are a few examples of some pretty amazing Australian furniture.

Bar stools

bar stools  for sale
Moai bar stools in Whet restaurant, Cape Tribulation
Left to right stool 1 to 4, the centre one is not part of the set and not for sale.

These barstools were inspired by the ancient Moai statues of remote Easter Island.
They were sculptured in the Daintree by Rob Lapaer from local pencil cedar, using only a chainsaw and a sander.

There is currently a total of twenty stools available for sale, perfect to give your bar that extra touch that makes it stand out from the other bars.
These bar stools are a solid investment that will last a life time, or longer.
The stools are 80 cm. in heigth, and of varying diametres.
The sizes range from pickupable to ginormous, and the prices from $350.- to $650.-
They are individually sculpted, freehand without exact measurements, so each one is slightly different and unique having its own personality.
For more info on these bar stools see or click here for contact details for enquiries.

Later in 2013 Rob hopes to finish another set of ten bar stools in Kuranda Quandong, also known as Ebony Heart for its dark black core inside the light timber.
Some of these will be even bigger than the ones above!

The largest set of six pencil cedar bar stools is currently on loan to restaurant Whet in Cape Tribulation, where you can view them and try them out, as in the above photo.

On the back verandah of Rainforest Hideaway B&B in Cape Tribulation is another set of seven stools available to view, and try out.

moai bar stools

Left to right stools 7 to 13

moai bar stools for sale

Left to right stools 7 to 13

Concrete furniture

The concrete furniture in this section is not for sale as it is not transportable.
It was all built on-site on the sculpture trail at Rainforest Hideaway B&B in Cape Tribulation.

concrete chairs

concrete furniture

concrete lounge

concrete jungle lounge

a stylish concrete sofa

a concrete seat in the jungle



Rainforest furniture

Here is a selection of uniquely shaped furniture all crafted from salvaged Daintree rainforest timbers. Most of this furniture is located in Rainforest Hideaway B&B, a B&B accommodation in Cape Tribulation.

blackbean timber coffee table

This unique coffee table is made of one piece of blackbean root which surfaced when a large tree fell over.

silky oak dining table

Silky oak dining table

silky oak timber chair

This very solid chair is made of the stump of a silky oak

silky oak timber chair

Rear view of this chair

silky oak timber chess table

Silky oak chess table

mixed timber lounge

Solid timber couch

silky oak timber bench

Silky oak timber seat

mixed timber chair

Solid unique timber seat of mixed timbers, red cedar, nutwood, and bull oak.

timber bed

Blackbean queensize bed

coffee table

A large crocodile shaped coffee table

Click here for contact details for enquiries about the above furniture or any other custom orders

Miscellaneous furniture

aussie wine rack
A brilliant combination of wine rack and coffee table

A true Aussie uses his empty beer carton for a rubbish bin

Send us some pics of your furniture
or advertise your furniture here !

Send us some pics of your furniture
or advertise your furniture here !

Send us some pics of your furniture
or advertise your furniture here !

Send us some pics of your furniture
or advertise your furniture here !



Are you a furniture maker or are you in the furniture trade?
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easter island bar stools

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