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Amazing Australian Fishingfishing in australia

Marlin Fishing Singlet

Australia has some pretty amazing fishing and some tourists can't believe the size of the fish that are being pulled up.
For many their holidays would be a failure without at least one big barramundi, marlin or coral trout.
Off the coast of north Queensland marlins up to 500 kilos are caught!

Barramundi Fishing Singlet - Double Sided

fishing holiday accommodation

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fishing in australia , marlin, barra ( barramundi ) on the great barrier reef, queensland
Here's Rob looking very pleased with today's catch.


barramundi caught by simon monk
And Simon looks pretty happy with his barra too!

Some Australian fish pics

daintree fishing
Leigh has caught a good Mangrove Jack in the Daintree

Nicole Trost with her first Baramundi

simon monk with a coral trout
Cairns fishing legend Simon
Monk with a good size Coral Trout

Ella, daughter of the Cairns
fishing legend, just hooked one too

Rob has caught a mackerel off
the Cape Tribulation coast

lee with a spanish mackerel
Leigh just caught this mackerel
off the rocks at Cape Tribulation

red emperor
Matt Maupin with a Red Emperor

coral trout
Cooktown Pete with a Coral Trout

simon monk with a mangrove jack
The Legend has struck again!
Simon Monk with a Mangrove Jack

Dangerous Davw with a barra
Simon's mate Dangerous Dave
with a decent size barra

Brett Maupin with a Cobia
caught off Port Hedland W.A.

pk with a nannegai
PK with a Coral Trout off the coast
of Cape Tribulation

Matt Maupin with a Sweetlip

cairns fishing
Boyd, locally known as Naked Nut,
has also landed a whopper

threadfin salmon
Our regular contributor
Mark Maupin with a Threadfin Salmon

simon monk with a whopper of  a barra
Cairns fishing legend Simon Monk
with a whopper of a barra

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Queensland fishing

Cairns fishing

Book on a fishing charter and catch one of those big Queensland fish!
Phone Justin on 0414 185534 for more information.

Gold Coast shark fishing

Gold Coast bloke Robbie Hughes at Varsity Lakes apartments on Lake Orr doesn't need a boat to go fishing.
He lives on the 6th floor of an apartment building above a lake and fishes from his balcony !
With the help of his mate David he has caught at least 12 bull sharks up to two metres in length, while another 100 or so have gotten away. It requires some team work, Robbie casts the line from the balcony and when he's got one hooked Dave grabs the gaff and zooms down in the lift to the bottom car park to help pull in the catch. Gold Coast canals are notorious for bull sharks, two swimmers were killed here in 2002.

World's largest barramundi


The world's largest recorded barramundi was caught by Dave Powell in Lake Tinaroo in September 1999.
This ginormous whopper of a fish measured 124 centimetres and weighed 38.75 kg.
Lake Tinaroo is located in the Atherton Tablelands behind Cairns and is three quarters the size of Sydney Harbour and some believe that there are even bigger barra than the one pictured to the right still swimming around in this lake.

You can try your luck with one of the local fishing charter boats.

Every year around March, for nearly 30 years now , they hold the World Barramundi Fishing Competition in the outback town of Burketown in western Queensland.

In March 2010 Tony Bambino from Mutchilba, Qld. made the news with a 30 kg. barramundi that he caught without any fishing gear!

He was driving past the river late arvo and saw something shiny in the water, he jumped out of his car and grabbed the big fish by the mouth. It took more than ten minutes of hard work to drag it out of the water but he got it !

lake tinaroo barramundi

Gone fishing

cooktown fishing
cooktown fishing

Some good size queenfish and trevalli from the Endeavour River at Cooktown

In Cooktown, north Queensland there is some very good fishing to be done as you can see on the pics above.

Fishing in the Daintree

snapper and coral trout fishing in australia on the great barrier reef, queensland

Go fishing when you're staying in the Daintree/Cape Tribulation area; there's a few fishing boats available to charter on the Daintree river, or you can rent your own boat. The boats come and go a bit so we can't keep up to date info here but first find yourself some accommodation in the Daintree and your host will find you a boat then.

New South Wales fishing

marlin fishing new south wales

Fishing report by Froggy: I have actually just returned from a 2 day Game Fishing Trip to Bermague on New South Wales Sapphire Coast. I have always dreamed of catching a Black or Striped Marlin on the high seas, and guess what.. I caught a 100-110 kg - 244lbs - Striped Marlin on my first try. It is very hard to describe the feelings of having a screaming reel in your hand, and wondering,, How can I actually reel this Monster in... he is pulling so hard, and I felt so tiny hanging on to the rod, and winding as fast as possible, then having this Fish take over, and I end up further away from him as when I first hooked on. Anyway... after a titanic struggle for 45 min, with a massive amount of help from the skipper, using his boat handling skills to take up the slack on the line, moving his 30ft boat in and out like it was a 12 ft tinny.... I finally got him along side,,, Yes! - I Tagged and released, (T.R.)

Photo and fishing report by froggy


Are you in the fishing business in Victoria? Contact us!

Northern Territory

Bare hand barra fishing! Some of the most amazing fishing I have ever seen was in Mataranka, Northern Territory, where a bloke catches barramundi with his bare hands. He will stand in the water holding a bit of bait and when the barra goes for it he will shove his hand up its mouth ( making use of the fact barra don't have teeth) and lift him out of the water.


Paul Kaine's Guided Fishing Tasmania

trout fishing tasmania
Paul Kaine with a trout

Paul Kaine, the owner and principle guide for Paul Kaine's Guided Fishing Tasmania. With his family he resides in Tasmania's Central Highland lake country where he conducts specialised guided trout fishing adventures. More info on his website or send him an email .

Western Australia

Are you in the fishing business in Western Australia? Contact us!

South Australia

south australia fishing

S.A. Fishing News is a website where you will find all the information you need to become a successfull fisherperson, the latest tide times, weatherforecasts and fishing hot spots, fishing tips, pictures, size and bag limits and much more.


Are you in the fishing business in Canberra? Contact us!




You know of, or did, any amazing Australian fishing? Then tell us!

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