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Great Tourism Business Ideas
For Australia In 2020

Are you looking for some great tips to improve or start your Australia tourism business in 2020?
Rest assured, you are not alone. As the digital economy rises alongside the “economy of
individuals”, it is increasingly crucial to carve out your own corner of the business world.
According to the experts at MaxFunding, “if you have decided to make a go of it in tourism in
particular, you will have to do a lot of preliminary planning to make sure that your services stand
out among the crowd. It's important to think about tourist attractions that exhibit cultural value,
historical significance, natural or built beauty, or amusement opportunities. Try to find gaps in
the market where other tourist businesses haven’t capitalised yet.”
Competitive pricing and excellent customer service are obvious examples, but sometimes even
those are not enough to build the kind of loyalty and "word of mouth" that will generate life-long
clientele. With that in mind, let's take a look at some tourism business ideas for Australia in

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1 - Have A Knowledgeable Tour Guide

Many areas of Australia are absolute tourist hot-spots, and there are no shortage of interesting
places to visit or beautiful scenery. It's easy enough to start making a list of all the essential
stops for any tour group, but having a tour guide that really knows the ins and outs of each area
will really set your business apart.
Intimate knowledge of the surroundings, history, and culture will give your tourists a bit more to
sink their teeth into.
A bit of networking and extensive interviewing will be necessary to fill the role of an excellent
tour guide.
As your business grows, you will always need multiple guides under your employment. If you
want to make sure you aren't associating yourself with someone that is only going to give your
customers the basics, you should take a glance around tourist blogs around the web, and "top
10" lists that go through all of the generic choices for landmarks, eateries, and other stops in
your area of expertise.

2 - List On Airbnb

It would also benefit you greatly to offer space for your tourists to stay in during their visit. This
will be especially useful for international travellers.
Once you have all of the accommodations secured, be sure to list on Airbnb. This will provide a
wealth of visibility for your services given the rising popularity of the site. Having a look around
other listings on Airbnb will also help you see which amenities are being offered elsewhere,
giving you a better chance to compete more successfully with other tourism providers.

3 - Offer Rentals

It will also behove your business to provide rental of various items for your tourists. This can be
major items such as vehicles or even the likes of camping equipment or party supplies.
Along the same vein, you should be sure to also carry essential items for vacations that are
easily forgotten or misplaced, such as batteries, disposable cameras, suntan lotion, towels, and
so on. Anything you can provide on-site to help out visitors that did not come packed to the gills
with every item they may require will win you a lot of brownie points.

4 - Offer Diverse Destinations

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Australia is well known for its diverse wildlife and amazing beaches. You'll obviously want to
cater to those preconceived ideas, but don't be afraid to bring more to the plate. Not everyone
will know about Australian cuisine for example, and hidden gems of the nightlife in larger cities
are also unmarked territory for the average traveller.
In essence, you want to make sure to take your tourists to areas that have more to offer than
just one notable landmark. The richer the experience, the more lasting the impression will be.
That's how you keep people coming back and referring you to all of their friends!

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