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Photo gallery of Australia

Dead kangaroo on the highway to Cooktown

Kangaroos have good eyesight but and excellent hearing but this does not help them avoid traffic. In outback areas, and sometimes even in and around cities, kangaroos can be a major hazard to traffic, or the traffic to them, depending on which side you choose to look at the problem. Many Australian vehicles, especially those that do a lot of driving in remote areas, are fitted with roo bars to minimise damage caused by collision with kangaroos. You do need a solid bar on your car to get through a collision, many roo bars on cars are not designed to take the full impact of a decent size roo, and even then they may still hit your windscreen. Most importantly your radiator has a higher chance of surviving the impact so at least in a remote area you are not stuck and can keep driving to the nearest town. In the outback it is usually better to avoid driving at night, besides roos there are also cows that wander around freely.


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