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first manual of the interstellar space mission

(Above is a scan of the front cover of the First Manual of the Interstellar Space Mission, to save on download time the other pages have not been scanned but re-typed, with great care, as the Commander stressed the point that every comma and capital letter is of great importance).

To enquire, please write in,
Type of handwritten form to:



I am Commander Grah of
"The Interstellar Space Mission".

I stand alone and Challenge All of Mankind
to Surrender to My Quest, which is to, Repair
This Broken World to its Former Glory by taking
the Steps Necessary, for I am "Clearing The Way
To The Stars"' so that Mankind may, Venture
Out Into The Universe, to see what can be found.

I have Opened the Wellspring of Infinite
Energy and have designed Inventions to Control
it, in Full Safety, for the Service of Mankind.

It is Non Polluting and replaces all
machinery currently on Earth that is driven
by Fossil or Nuclear Fuels.

This "New Earth" Energy is named,
"Saviour" and this new branch of Science is
named, "Gray Science".

I have fused it to Old Science and Technology
so that compatibility and understanding is
achievable and although my Inventions may seem
primitive, it is not "Gray Science" that inhibits
them. At this time of writing I stand alone,
although it is hoped that you will, take the
Challenge and come forward to investigate.

From here, when it is seen that you are
aligned to this, new Peaceful Way, Quotas will be

My Knights "Saviour" will be from all
Nations, regardless of Culture and, will be
responsible for, Manufacturing, Distribution,
Service and Repairing of my Inventions and Their
Title will be followed by their Trade i.e.,

Knight "Saviour" Inspector.

Knight "Saviour" Manufacture.

Knight "Saviour" Repair.

I am, Cosmic Ordinant, Knight "Saviour".

My Knights " Saviour" Inspector are just
ordinary people and, are our Ambassadors, they
inspect at all levels of production, ensuring safety
and Pride of Product.

They travel free on all public transport,
according to duty and, their duties will take them
into Space. All alteration to my Inventions, is
cleared by them.

"Saviour" must never be used for war,
for this is a Peaceful Mission.

These inventions are designed to serve
mankind in, Air and on Water, on Land and in

My Starship is the fastest ship ever designed
by Man.

Her name is "Butterfly". She stand 100
metres tall and, at average outer girth, she is 100
metres diameter. She is 5 tube construction and,
has full 100% safety features. All of my
inventions come from Her.

Although my "Butterfly" is far beyond the
dreams of Man, in Performance, I am restricting
man's SPeed into Space for His Safety, until He
gets the Skill to fly my designs, He is hereby
governed to 50 weeks to reach Light Speed and
climbing, where Time is eroded and, 50 weeks to
drop out of Light, to come to stop. This should
slow You down a bit Boys. I'll consider releasing
more technology to you Space Boys, when it is
Agreed and Seen that my "Earth Quest" is being

"Butterfly" has full compliment of
equipment, including Her "Interstellar telescope
Linear Mapping Array", form a common plane,
She takes triangulation readings to equate and She
will never progress past Her Knowledge, this gives
Her, on screen, exact Stellar Positioning, which is
updated as She goes. She has "Triple Shield"
Technology and Her Central Control is "Triple".

More information that this of Her workings,
in this Public arena would be imprudent.

However I will take you on a flight and full
tour, further into this Quest. Our direction of
travel is That First Star in the Line of Three.

"Butterfly" is the spark of the Arks that Man
may build, 100% Safety is Guaranteed.

How far is that Star? It's one year up and
one year down, plus the Time it takes to erode
Time at Progress. For "Butterlfy" of course, no
Time at all. She is the Fastest Ship after ALL.

Those who have will be added unto and
Those who have not, will be lifted out of poverty
and sickness, so that we may All progress through
to Our New Future Together, as One People of
Many Cultures.

Fortify my Mission and, make it your own
and, together, as we prosper, we will make the
Change happen.

We give thanks to you JEHOVAH Creator of
all that is within and without and Pray that You
will stay with us in this difficult Time of the
Restoration of Mankind and, we Thank You Holy
SPirit for your Comfort, Grant us Truth that is
True, Light that is Seen, a Path that is Straight,
so that Heaven on earth Prevails.

This voucher entitles the bearer to, three free
drinks of choice, to any passenger who travels
upon a flight of the "Interstellar Space Mission",
providing that, those three drinks, be consumed
in, one LIght Year at the Halfway Mark of the
passage that is being made.

This voucher will be franked and returned to
the bearer and, its validity will never run out.

By Order of the Founder
Commander Grah

Scientists tell us that our Precious Planets
Polar Ice Caps are melting faster each year and, as
direct result, our Oceans are rising. Industry
practises, they say to, are creating Acidic Rain,
which in turn, melts our Mountain Snow and Ice,
causing detrimental changes to the normal
workings of our Planet.

"Saviour", once used, reverses all of this.

Our Forests are being eaten up by Man's
increasing need to keep His House and Home
together and, to supply food and heat for His
Home. Destruction of these Atmosphere
Convertors, adds to the destruction of our Planet.

"Saviour" offers heating, cooling,
desalination, pumping and irrigation solutions,
designed to Sustain each Industry application,
way far into the Future.

Our road transport is said to be polluting the
lands, up to 2 miles either side of our Motorways,
as reported. "Saviour" burns no fuel. The wastes of
transport, "Saviour" burns no fuel. The wastes of
Mankind are large indeed, as sure as Water flows
down, oil will float on top and, our marine life is
suffering (the fish that we eat), as direct result.
It's not that we don't care, it's that we can't seem
to stop it, but, just wehn it seems many have lost
hope, along comes "Saviour" to save us all.

Our Dolphins are screaming at a higher
pitch, they had to go higher, in tone, to speak to
each other, beause and, I guess, of the noises we
make with our motor boats. Our whales are
sometimes, beaching, perhaps for the same reason
and, on account of their size, cannot reach the
higher pitch.

"Saviour" to the rescue, marine applications
are tuned to the lower pitch and, give just as
much drive.

Aeroplanes, helicopters, Shuttles, all have
one thing in common, they burn fuel in the air
and, even burn on the interface with Space where
our Cosmic Protection is in place, which is
thinning out a bit, or so Scientists say.

"SAVIOUR" will supply 10gs of force, or
more if required, but, may never ever, be used for
war, for this is a Peaceful Mission. When your
fuel runs out, you are grounded, just a Step to
Right is all it takes.

33 years I've been Questing, many lessons
have I taken, to find this is, Not Luck. Ponderance
of the small and the big has enabled this, full
World package to evolve. If merit is seen and, all
that I say is True, then and, in good economic
form, for this is a Commercial Venture, so that
None, who now stand may fall, come forward and
take up office and, be a part of this Mission to
Save Planet Earth.

All deals that are made and agreed by,
"The Interstellar Space Mission"
have one thing in common, they are always of,
"Benefit to All Concerned".

This Mission will always be Transparent in
All of its dealings and, as we manufacture these
Inventions, never will our Process be detrimental
to Mankind or our Planet's Environs.

Though, casual and easy going, is our way,
uniforms are desinged and ready to be made, just
needs the Commercial interest and, as I'm sure you
will agree, book makers and printers are needed

So for now I'll just say, Sweet Dreams. I shall
be here, on the high bank of Crystal Clear Waters,
under the Double Rainbow, overlooking Trinity
Bay, waiting for your call.

Yours Truly,
Commander Grah.

Compiled at;

"The Interstellar Space Mission" Headquarters.
Permission is hereby granted to those who wish
to copy this first manual, providing that is is
copied in its entirety. Breach of this proviso will
render this permission void. If copy is to be taken
for gain, prior arrangements should be made with
this Mission, where "Benefit to all concerned" is
our code. The fairmindedness of Mankind will
bring us all through to this New Age.

Yours Truly,
Commander Grah


Yours Truly,
Commander Grah

commander grah



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